What to Plant - December

It's officially the beginning of the silly season, but try to keep your head screwed on and consider planting some of the following varieties. It's late in the planting season, but it's never too late to get started.


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Basil (Seedling)

Beans (Seedling)

Beetroot (Seed) 

Berries (adolescent plants)

Bok Choi (Seedling)

Carrots (Seed)

Capsicum (Seedling)

Cucumber (Seedling)

Chilli (Seedling)

Eggplant (Seedling)

Fruit Trees (adolescent trees)

Herbs (all except Coriander and Dill - seedling)

Lettuces (Seedling)

Pak Choi (Seedling)

Pumpkin (Seedling)

Radish (Seed)

Rocket (Seedling)

Silverbeet (Seedling)

Spinach (Seedling)

Spring Onions (Seedling)

Strawberry (Seedling)

Squash (Seedling)

Tomato (Seedling)

Zucchini (Seedling

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